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Chasity Rabun

Chasity Rabun, a 31-year-old Augusta resident and mother of three, had tried a number of treatments to help her gynecological difficulties. But even common therapies, such as birth control pills were off limits because Ms. Rabun suffered a stroke after the birth of one of her children.

After discussing the situation at length with her physician, Miche McDonough, M.D., an obstetrics and gynecology physician who practices at University Hospital, the pair decided a hysterectomy was the best course of action.

Rather than a traditional surgical hysterectomy, Ms. Rabun was able to undergo a da Vinci Surgical System procedure.

Traditional hysterectomy surgery often involves a large abdominal incision and a significant recovery period.

But the da Vinci system is changing the way women experience this life-altering procedure.

John Paul McDonough, M.D., an obstetrics and gynecology physician who practices at University Hospital, said the da Vinci system has been a remarkable step forward in surgical technology.

“With traditional laparoscopic surgery, you operate through small incisions using rigid instruments that have limited maneuverability,” Dr. John Paul McDonough said. “However, with the da Vinci system, the instruments are articulated, which means they have multiple joints and can mimic the movement of the human hand. So it's truly like having an extension of your hand in the abdomen but through tiny incisions.

“It's truly amazing.”

Patients who have had a hysterectomy using the da Vinci system noted its many benefits to traditional surgery.

“I have three little girls, and this cut my down time in half,” Ms. Rabun said. “The healing process is just so much faster; I was sitting up the very next day.”

Dr. John Paul McDonough said that ultimately the da Vinci system hysterectomy helps ease some of the pain and discomfort, helping patients recover faster and with fewer complications.

“Patients are going home within a day of the surgery as opposed to three days with traditional surgery,” he said. “The patients I’ve seen after using the da Vinci have all reported less pain than they expected, which is a great thing to hear.”

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