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Our Current Numbers -- Surgical Care

To monitor the quality of care, we track specific quality measures and compare them to benchmark measures. We publish these quality measures so you can draw your own conclusions regarding your health care choices. For additional detailed information select the "click for details" buttons on the left.

Important Note

Hospital Compare numbers come from Hospital Compare, an online tool provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Current Numbers are compiled by University Hospital's Performance Improvement Office.

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Fourth Quarter 2013
  Antibiotic given at right time -- Outpatient  
99% 97%
  Appropriate antibiotic given -- Outpatient  
98% 100%
  Beta blocker users kept on drug  
99% 100%
  Antibiotic given at right time  
99% 100%
  Appropriate antibiotic given  
98% 100%
  Timely halt of antibiotic  
96% 100%
  Blood sugar controlled  
92% 95%
  Safer hair removal  
100% 100%
  Timely removal of catheter  
99% 100%
  Clot treatment ordered  
75% 99%
  Clot treatment received  
77% 99%
  Comparison Numbers -- Surgical Care  
  How We Compare  

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