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Shirley Scott

Shirley Scott, of Aiken, knew her right knee was about to go out – she could just feel it.

She kept putting off her surgery because she’d already gone through one total knee replacement – her left knee – in September 2008.

“After my first surgery, my knee was very, very sore,” she said. “It took longer to get up or move it or anything.”

When she couldn’t put off her knee surgery anymore, Mrs. Scott was surprised to find that she would be a recipient of some of the new treatment options performed at University Hospital.

The difference was night and day.

“This time, it just seemed like the very next day I could move it,” she said. “I never had any pain like I remembered after the first surgery.”

Mrs. Scott recovered so quickly from her second surgery that she surprised her physical therapist, completing therapies weeks ahead of schedule.

“If you need surgery, I would say you should not put it off,” she said. “You’re just prolonging a pain that could turn into something worse.”

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