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Truett Wood

Truett Wood, of Augusta, knows what pneumonia feels like. He’s had it before.

That’s why he knew to go to his family physician when he started having difficulty breathing.

“I had a friend drive me because I knew I couldn’t do it myself,” he said.

His physician recognized the signs of pneumonia and sent Mr. Wood directly to University Hospital, where he was admitted for nearly a week for treatment.

“I was on antibiotics all the time I was there,” he said. “They also kept me on fluids 24 hours a day because I was very dehydrated.”

Mr. Wood continued to rest and recuperate at home, saying that despite the great care he received at University, he was ready to leave.

“After spending a week in the hospital, you’re anxious to get home,” he said with a laugh.

Mr. Wood said he knows University staff did everything they could to make him well again, and “I would certain recommend University Hospital.”

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