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What's So Special About Having Your Baby
at the W.G. Watson, M.D., Women's Center?

New Mother's Kit



Bella Baby Photography

The W.G. Watson M.D. Women's Center is the only women's center in the CSRA to offer newborn photography by Bella Baby.  Bella Baby's photographs are distinctly different than the typical newborn photography.  You'll want to be prepared for this exceptional lifetime experience offered only at the W.G. Watson M.D. Women's Center!

It’s knowing that our reputation for providing quality care and advanced medical technologies has been proven over time ... There is a tradition of trust, established by our namesake and inspiration, Dr. W.G. Watson.

Information and services are easily accessible, and there are people you can count on when you want answers — beginning with the instructors of our childbirth education classes and continuing after delivery with 24-hour telephone breast-feeding support from certified lactation consultants.

Every year since 1999, University’s Women’s Center has been a clear leader among consumers for Maternity/Obstetrics in an independent survey conducted annually by the National Research Corporation. This wonderful center offers a full range of obstetrical and gynecological services for women of all ages and features fully equipped, all-in-one labor and delivery suites, traditional birthing rooms, and a Level III nursery staffed and equipped to care for high-risk and premature infants. Through the center's Great Expectations Society, thousands of area families - more than any other area hospital - have prepared for the births of their babies and learned about infant care. W.G. Watson, M.D. Women's Center is the largest in the area with approximately 3,000 births each year.

We offer a top-flight facility equipped to handle every level of care. It is staffed by physicians, nurses and medical professionals who believe every patient deserves special treatment, every day.

We are the only area hospital with surgical operating suites devoted exclusively to women for Cesarean sections and women's surgeries Giraffe OmniBed isolettes offer the very best environment available to help babies born prematurely or with medical obstacles achieve their full health potential.

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Solid Reputation  
Expert Treatment  
Educational Support  
Patient Choice
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Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Stay

Special Touches

We have a patient-focused environment that offers you personal choices. The many added touches will make your health care experience positive.
Your childbirth experience will be as individual as you and your baby. 
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to the Women's Center staff members, who go out of their way to identify the needs of their patients and family members and then exceed their expectations.
Explore the W.G. Watson, M.D., Women's Center at University Hospital for yourself.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The 1999 opening of the W.G. Watson, M.D., Women's Center represents our continued commitment to providing the latest medical technology and family-focused care. The enhancements at this facility, which are devoted entirely to women's health and wellness, include: 

36 suites
40-bed Level III Special Care Nursery
Centrally located, 20-bassinet newborn nursery
Onsite Lactation Center 
Dedicated gynecological surgery suite
Celebrations: A dedicated gift shop in the Women's Center

Gestational Diabetes Program

University's Gestational Diabetes Program (diabetes during pregnancy) is a two-hour class taught by our Certified Diabetes Educators. Small class size and individualized meal plans make the learning individualized to your own special needs. You will receive instruction on blood sugar testing, healthy eating, interpretation of food labels, exercise, and what you can do to help keep your blood sugars at a normal level during your pregnancy. Blood sugar levels are important for a healthy baby. Follow-up visits are included in the program so changes can be made in your meal plan and goals as needed. Learn more about how to decrease your future risk of type 2 diabetes, how gestational diabetes will affect future pregnancies, and what to expect after your delivery.
For more information, call Diabetes Services at 706/868-3241.

Expert Treatment

Technologically advanced facilities and compassionate staff define our approach to health care. You can feel confident knowing that we have the medical expertise you need.
The physicians who practice at University Hospital save precious time in treating their patients by using the Epic Computer System. This innovative technology allows physicians to view patients' test results, prescribe medications and even monitor labor contractions from anywhere they have internet access. This means patients are on the road to treatment, delivery or recovery without delay.

With hundreds of years of combined experience and expertise, our highly trained and passionately loyal maternity staff is committed to making your stay special. Many members of our staff have achieved national certification in their specialties.

The diverse staff of female and male physicians who practice at University's Women's Center is dedicated to the needs of women of all ages from adolescence to post-menopausal.
We are equipped to deliver every level of care:

  • Level III Special Care Nursery for premature births or babies with special needs
  • Level III Perinatal Center for high-risk pregnancies
  • On-floor operating suites dedicated to women exclusively
  • Fetal monitoring system linked directly to physician offices
  • State-of-the-art infant security system
  • Newborn nursery with indirect sunlight, proven vital for infant stimulation

Special Care Nursery

In the Women's Center Special Care Nursery, Giraffe OmniBeds ensure babies' safety and comfort, yet allow easy access for parent bonding. These isolettes are equipped with radiant heat warmers and “Baby Susans” that allow caregivers to rotate infants without touching them. Self-contained X-ray cassettes mean X-rays can be taken without disturbing infants.

After Delivery

Through Bella Baby Photography, parents and family members may view and order your baby's first photos in a private and secure manner. You may also announce your delivery through online birth announcements and shop online for personalized gifts, keepsakes and photo packages.

Our Philosophy and Mission

The W.G. Watson, M.D.Women’s Center provides the highest quality of care in our community for women and their families.
We value and support the involvement of women and their families in health care decisions and are committed to providing ongoing health education. We recognize that each woman is unique and pledge to individualize care to best meet her health care needs.
We are proud of our strong commitments and service values, and cherish the opportunity to make a positive difference in each life we touch.

Call 706/774-2825 to schedule your free guided tour of the Women's Center.


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