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Board Approves Technology Upgrades March 4, 2008

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University Hospital Board Approves Technology Upgrades

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Feb. 28, 2008 – Nearly $2.8 million in equipment and facility upgrades was approved today by the University Health Services Board at its monthly meeting.

The upgrades included the following:

  • Emergency Generation Modernization and Paralleling Gear -- $1.9 million
  • This new digital, computerized equipment will ensure that emergency backup power is readily available in all standard patient rooms with room to expand into new areas of the hospital.

  • Orthopaedic Replacements for Arthroscopy Towers and Equipment -- $365,000
  • These two stations replace 10-year-old stations and are equipped with double screens, a light source, camera and pump to consolidate all orthopaedic surgical controls in one area. The request also called for replacement of six advanced surgical tools.

  • Horizon Patient Folder Upgrade -- $280,000
  • University’s electronic medical record will be updated through this request that replaced the current hardware and upgraded the application that was purchased in 2003.

  • Emageon Hardware Replacement Agreement -- $247,267

This agreement allows for University to replace this cardiology computer hardware over four years.

“Today is a perfect example of University continuously thinking toward tomorrow in serving its patients,” said Board Chairman R. Lee Smith Jr.



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