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Equipment Tech Retires After 36 Years of Service May 30, 2008

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Equipment Tech Retires After 36 Years of Service

(May 30, 2008) – Family, friends and co-workers came out en force Friday afternoon to give a fond farewell to Charles Washington, who is retiring after 36 years of service to University Hospital.

Mr. Washington, who’s been an equipment tech for a number of years, said that he’s enjoyed working in the maintenance department for the past 36 years.

“I’m really going to miss the fellas; my buddies,” he said. “I’ll miss the work, too.”

Joe Braswell, an engineering manager and Mr. Washington’s supervisor, said Mr. Washington has been an important part of the engineering department.

“He really gets along with all the employees; he trained a lot of them, actually,” Mr. Braswell said.

Mr. Braswell noted that Mr. Washington has been one of the most dependable employees he’s worked with. “Today was the first day he’s been late in 36 years,” he said with a smile. “I think he did that on purpose.”

For Mr. Washington, his retirement plans are simple: “Fishing,” he said emphatically. “And plenty of it.”

“And rest,” he said with a laugh.



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