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School of Radiography Graduates at University Hospital August 1, 2008

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The Class of 2008 pictured are: (Front row, from left) April Swearingen, Erin Jewell and Karen Rayfield. (Second row) Shelley Todd, Adrienne Daniels, Carlene Cato, Candice Ostendorf and Hannah Roberts. (Third row) Matt Sollie, Matt Lawhorne and Daniel Turner.

School of Radiography Graduates at University Hospital

Augusta, Ga. – The 21st class of the Stephen W. Brown School of Radiography graduated on June 25 in the Levi W. Hill III Auditorium. The graduates successfully completed two years of supervised clinical practice and theory in Radiologic Technology. The graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification exam from the America Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The 24-month program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology in Chicago. Two graduating students won awards. Matthew Sollie won the Doug Siverhus Award, formerly called the Outstanding Student Award, for outstanding clinical performance. Shelly Todd won the Scholastic Award, which is awarded to the student with the highest grade point average in the class. Two awards were also presented to the junior class students for outstanding clinical and didactic performance. These awards are for the cost of the next year’s tuition of $900. Michael Weaver won the Academic Award. Matthew Coar won the Clinical Award. The Technologist of the Year award was given to Jennifer Scott. This award is given to one technologist that the students feel contributed significantly to their clinical education. The students voted on their selection and presented the technologist with a plaque. The plaque will be displayed in the Radiology Department for viewing. The University Hospital Stephen W. Brown School of Radiography, established in 1983, is on the leading edge of technology with the latest in radiographic equipment and procedures.

Students receive extensive training in routine, fluoroscopic procedures as well as an introduction to the specialized areas in the Radiology Department. With sophisticated techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, computerized technology and other examinations using state-of-the-art equipment, this modern facility offers a range of clinical experience in preparation for an exciting and rewarding career.

The two-year program maximizes training experience through a low student-teacher ratio, enabling the trained technologist to enter the profession highly qualified to perform diagnostic radiographic procedures.

The school’s mission is to graduate radiographers who will successfully complete the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Radiography (ARRT) examination and possess the technical excellence in the performance of diagnostic procedures. The school’s goals are:

1. To produce responsible, highly qualified, entry-level radiographers

2. To prepare students to sit for the ARRT certification examination

3. To turn out radiographers who are capable of utilizing effective communication, problem solving, decision making and critical thinking to achieve desired outcomes

4. To graduate students who will practice within the ethical and legal boundaries of the profession and develop an attitude of professional behavior and responsibility

5. To instill in graduates a love of learning and the desire for professional growth

Radiologic technology is the art and science of applying x-radiation, gamma radiation, ultrasound and magnetic fields in the diagnosis and treatment of patient disease or injury. Radiologic technology procedures include diagnostic radiography, ultrasound imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. Health care professionals who perform these procedures are called radiographers or radiologic technologists, sonographers, nuclear medicine technologists and radiation therapists.

Students completing the program are eligible to sit for the certification examination given by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Radiography (ARRT). After passing the exam, individuals can use the initials R.T. (Radiologic Technologist).

The School of Radiography trains prospective professionals in routine and fluoroscopic radiography, surgical and mobile radiography procedures and emergency radiographic examinations. There are brief rotations in some specialty areas.

Graduates may work in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, mobile outreach companies and X-ray equipment companies. Opportunities are available in the Southeast and throughout the United States.

The School is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, IL, 60606-2901, 312/704-5300. The Web site is, and e-mail is



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