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University Hospital Offers Smoking Cessation Help February 2, 2009

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University Hospital Offers Smokers a Number of Ways to Help Them Quit

January 15, 2009 (AUGUSTA, GA) – Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a lonely process.

According to research, those people involved in group smoking-cessation classes after having a heart attack are more likely to be successful than those going it alone.

Patty Evans, who works at University Hospital and is an instructor for the Fresh Start Smoking Cessation classes at the hospital, said behavior modification is just one of the ways they help smokers kick the habit.

“There are some pharmaceuticals that have been very successfully used along with our classes,” she said. “But people need to keep in mind that it may take more than one attempt to quit smoking for good, so they shouldn’t get discouraged if they don’t make it the first time.”

For more information about the Fresh Start Smoking Cessation classes at University, see our class calendar.



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