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Myra Corcoran Named Employee of the Year May 12, 2009

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Myra Corcoran Named Employee of the Year for 2009

AUGUSTA, GA. (May 12, 2009) Myra Corcoran was named the University Health Care System 2009 Employee of the Year at the Service Awards dinner at the Augusta Marriott Hotel Suites on Monday, May 11.

Myra, who was born in the United Kingdom, has lived in Augusta since 1987. She came to University Hospital in December 1999 and works as a social worker in Case Management.

Her anonymous nominator said, “Myra is always optimistic even when a patient’s needs are great, and she never appears to be overwhelmed with the problems at hand. This requires a person who can be objective and knowledgeable making sure the best interests of the patient are met. She does this everyday with every patient she touches.”

Myra has a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies from Regents College in New York, a Masters degree in Occupation Education from the University of Texas, and a Masters degree in Education from Augusta State University.

She and her husband Patrick – a native of Cork, Ireland – live in Augusta. They have two daughters and five grandchildren. The rest of her family still reside in Wales.

Director of Case Management Celissa Knight called Myra a “model employee.”

“When I think of my Myra it brings a smile to my face,” she said. “She always sets a positive example for everyone and challenges other to have the same attitude. There is truly no job too big for this petite woman!”



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