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University Demonstrates Its Commitment to Quality May 28, 2009

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University Demonstrates Its Commitment to Quality

AUGUSTA, GA. (May 28, 2009) Transparency in reporting hospital quality data is of growing interest to hospital administrators as well as the public.

Patients and their family members want detailed, accurate information about how local hospitals have performed on key clinical measures. Those measures, which are compiled by the U.S. Department of Human Resources, are made public through the Hospital Compare Web site.

University’s commitment to quality as well as transparency prompted the hospital to update its “How We Compare” site. There consumers will find easy-to-understand tables detailing how University has performed on key clinical measures as reported via Hospital Compare.

The updated site includes more detailed information about measures for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care as well as patient satisfaction scores. The site’s scores include those reported to Hospital Compare, as well as University’s most-recent numbers as compiled by departments within the hospital.

In addition to a new look, University has also given Web users a way to see how the hospital ranks against other local health care providers as well as the top 10 percent of hospitals in the country.

This updated site, which was approved May 28 by University’s Board of Directors, is University’s way of providing consumers with the tools they need to make the best decisions regarding their health care.



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