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Planning Can Help Alleviate Holiday Stress November 24, 2009

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Planning Can Help Alleviate Holiday Stress

(AUGUSTA, GA. – Nov. 24, 2009) Along with the tree trimming and the holiday parties, many people also can plan on a hefty dose of seasonal stress.

High expectations pared with a lack of planning can be a recipe for disaster, whether you’re planning a holiday get-together or shopping for that special someone.

Lorraine Thomas, a registered nurse with University Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, said taking a little time beforehand can help head off any anxiety later on.

“It’s planning it out, making a list, checking it twice,” Mrs. Thomas said. “Write down what you want to buy for each person, as well as write down how much you want to spend. That way you won’t go over budget.”

Mrs. Thomas also suggested paying with cash whenever possible to avoid the temptation to use credit cards in the checkout line.

“That way, you won’t get stressed in January and February when those credit card bills start coming in.”

Here are some other tips to avoid or alleviate stress this holiday season:

  • Prioritize your events. “Do you have to go to every party? Is it that important to make holiday cookies, or can you let it slide off your list? How many Christmas cards to you really need to send?” Mrs. Thomas said.
  • Eat healthy. “Eat before you go out shopping because you know there aren’t many healthy alternatives when you’re on the run,” she said. “Take healthy snacks with you and carry a bottle of water so you won’t grab a Coke somewhere.”
  • Don’t forget to exercise. “Exercise is a great stress-reliever and you don’t have to do too much for it to be beneficial. Just taking a walk around the block can be enough,” she said.

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