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University’s Buddy Check 6: Angie Sander’s Greatest Strength December 11, 2009

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University’s Buddy Check 6: Angie Sander’s Greatest Strength

Each year, thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer ... for many, the road to recovery is long and sometimes difficult. Luckily for Angie Sanders, she has discovered that her greatest strength is her husband.

Every family member has a special role during the cancer treatment process and Angie’s husband, Bobby, believes his role is to keep his wife focused, keep her spirits up and do whatever she needs him to do. As he waits for her at University Hospital while she is having a PET Scan, an imaging technique that allows doctors to examine the body’s organs to see if the cancer has spread, he waits patiently knowing that she is in good hands. He knows that his role is to be there to embrace her when she is done.

Like other families that have been down this road before, Bobby sees things in a whole new light “It is a difficult walk for us, so all of our roles have changed drastically, and our perspective for family has changed, but it has enriched our lives, and made our appreciated for each other that much more,” he said. Breast cancer has somehow strengthened the bond in this family.

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