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Breast Health Center Guides Patients June 11, 2010

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University’s Buddy Check 6 Story:
University leads women in the right direction for help with Breast Cancer.

Thousands of women are diagnosed every year with breast cancer, and many face not only the fear of treatment but how they will pay for it all. Debbie Hefferman with University’s Breast Health Center guides women in the right direction and connects them with agencies that can help. “Local county health departments have a special Medicaid program for women who have breast cancer,” she said.

But sometimes even the knowledge that help is available isn’t enough to alleviate the fear of cancer.

Carolyn Jenkins was so afraid of getting bad news after her screening mammogram that she refused to make an appointment for a follow-up appointment.

“I was so emotional; I did not want to face the unknown,” Ms. Jenkins said.

But Ms. Hefferman of the Breast Health Center knows how important follow-up exams are, so she kept calling Ms. Jenkins to get her in the office. Ms. Jenkins finally returned and received the news she was dreading – she was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010.

“Anger set in, then reality set in; I had to put my thought process in high gear and get this taken care of,” Ms. Jenkins said.

Her diagnosis was not the only stumbling block; Ms. Jenkins needed financial assistance, too. “I had absolutely no insurance, but I found out that the State of Georgia supports women who need help and can not afford it,” she said.

Ms. Hefferman was able to guide Ms. Jenkins with her treatment as well help her with financial aid – just one of the many services provided by University’s Breast Health Center.

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About University’s Breast Health Center: University's Breast Health Center offers a comprehensive array of well-coordinated breast health services, including education, diagnostic testing, treatment options and support. Providing care with dignity in a supportive environment is the first step to restoring health.



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