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Routine Mammograms Save Lives June 17, 2010

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University’s Buddy Check 6 Story:
Routine Mammograms Save Lives

Diane Waller describes herself as a tough broad at 61 years young. She has faced ovarian cancer, breast cancer, a lumpectomy, 31 rounds of radiation, an aneurism and open heart surgery, and she says she is not finished with life yet. “When they say you have cancer, you have two choices: you can roll over and die or stand up and fight,” she says. Ms. Waller’s family history of breast cancer made her vigilant about her yearly mammograms – and thankfully so. A routine screening mammogram found a lump that was later diagnosed as breast cancer.

Since Ms. Waller’s diagnosis, she has reunited with her long-lost love, traveled the world and is committed to encouraging all her friends to get routine mammograms. “Because they really can save your life,” she says.

To make an appointment to get a mammogram on University Hospital’s mobile mammography unit, the only mobile digital mobile mammography unit in the CSRA, call 706/774-4149. Or go to to find out when the mobile will be in your area.

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About University’s Breast Health Center: University's Breast Health Center offers a comprehensive array of well-coordinated breast health services, including education, diagnostic testing, treatment options and support. Providing care with dignity in a supportive environment is the first step to restoring health.



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