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Routine Mammograms Key to Survival June 18, 2010

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University’s Buddy Check 6 Story:
Routine Mammograms key to survival

It’s been more than a year since Marie Neal was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was found during a routine screening mammogram. In that time, she’s learned a lot about cancer … and determination.

“Breast cancer use to be a death sentence, but now women have hope,” she said.

Her first stop after her cancer diagnosis was to Randy Cooper, M.D., a surgeon who practices at University Hospital. There, Dr. Cooper discussed Mrs. Neal’s treatment options with her – keeping her in the loop, which is a vital part of the entire treatment process. Physicians who work at University Hospital understand the importance of including patients in their treatment decisions.

“I found that very reassuring that he let me be involved with my treatment decisions,” she said.

She believes that the secret to surviving cancer is “self breast exams, routine mammograms, and getting swift medical attention if you find a lump.”

University Hospital recommends that women do a self breast exam monthly, and have an annual mammogram starting at age 40. For more information on cancer screening guidelines go to

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