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University’s Cancer Answer Story: November 2009 January 8, 2010

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University’s Cancer Answer Story: November 2009

(AUGUSTA, GA. – Dec. 31, 2009) Early diagnosis of breast cancer greatly increases the chance of survival, which makes screening mammograms so important in the fight against the disease.

Tracy Walsh knows this all too well.

“My breast cancer was caught by a routine mammogram, and without that, who knows how long the cancer would have been inside me undetected,” she said.

Tracy’s cancer would not have been found by a breast self examination, but the routine mammogram was able to pinpoint its location early enough for surgeons to operate.

Randy Cooper, M.D., a surgeon who practices at University Hospital, believes that early diagnosis is the way to go, despite new federal guidelines that recommend women to wait till they are 50 before beginning annual mammograms. Dr. Cooper’s recommendations have not changed, and he said he “stands by the original recommendations that women check their breast once a month, go see their doctor once a year and have a mammogram annually.”

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