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University Hospital Offers Hearing Loop March 25, 2013


Assistive listening system aids those with hearing loss

Augusta – The Augusta Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAAG) with the assistance of University Health Care Foundation has installed a Hearing Loop in the hospital’s community education room. Hearing Loops are the preferred assistive listening system for people with hearing loss.

The Foundation provided the funding for the equipment, and both the Hospital and HLAAG contributed the labor for the installation.

Hearing Loops allow users with telecoil equipped hearing aids to turn their hearing instruments into personal speakers. For people with hearing loss without hearing aids, or for those with hearing aids and no telecoil, Loop Listeners are available.

This project is an extension of the hospital’s accessibility efforts. HLAAG uses the loop for its regular monthly meetings, and now attendees with hearing loss for all other meetings sponsored by the Hospital will be able to take advantage of the Hearing Loop.

There is a national movement to install hearing loops in large venues where it is difficult to hear clearly. For more information on hearing loops, visit For more information on the Hearing Loss Association of America, visit

Don’t let hearing loss keep you away from the informative educational programs offered by both the University Hospital and HLAAG.


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