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Day Surgery Center Evans to Get New Equipment July 19, 2006

The University Health Services Board approved a request for a $345,442 capital lease that will be used to purchase upgraded endoscopy equipment for the Day Surgery Center on the Evans campus.

The new equipment includes three model 160 colonscopes, two pediatric colonoscopies, three gastro-enteroscopy scopes, two model 160 light sources and processors, work carts, and supporting equipment/supplies and nine Spacelab SL2400 patient monitors.

The proposal for the equipment is a capital lease for a 36-month period with an end-of-term buy out option. The lease will include equipment maintenance and repair for the duration of the agreement. Also available is the ability to upgrade as technology changes.

This upgrade was deemed necessary due to the increased volumes in the Endoscopy Suite here at the hospital and will provide a convenient location for Columbia County patients who need this service.


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