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Fast Track Your Pre-Registration to Save Time! August 30, 2006

University Hospital is pleased to offer our patients a convenient online pre-registration service. This service will allow us to verify all demographic and insurance information prior to your visit, so that all of your paperwork is completed, thus decreasing your wait time on your service date.

Pre-Registration will benefit you by:

  • Allowing us to communicate with your insurance company to verify benefits and eligibility, start pre-certification, obtain referrals and pre-authorization if needed, and resolve any insurance concerns before your service date
  • Informing you of financial obligations beforehand so you can plan for the unexpected
  • Eliminating discharge delays by letting you pay co-pays and co-insurance before your service. We are able to take your credit card payment in advance over the phone. This will allow you to establish a good credit record and avoid confusion over being presented with a bill months after leaving the hospital.

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