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Home Health Nurses Certified September 6, 2006

Several University Home Health nurses have attended a training session on Outcome Assessment Information Set (OASIS) certification and took the certification exam the following day. Passing this exam bestows upon the individual the Certificate of OASIS Secialist-Clinical (COS-C) designation, sponsored by the OASIS Certification and Competency Board. To achieve this certification an individual must successfully complete a 100-item, two and a half hour exam. Initiated in October 2004, only 700 home care clinicians from around the country have achieved this status, with more than 1,000 home care clinicians taking the exam.

The goal for University Home Health was to educate the staff to promote a more consistent, accurate patient assessment through consistent application of guidelines provided by Center for Medicare Services. OASIS is the Outcome Assessment Information set utilized by Home Health agencies across the country to enhance care for patients in the home and as a tool for measurement of quality indicators. We are pleased to announce that the following University Home Health staff have achieved this certification:

Jae Edmond, RN, COS-C, North Augusta Division, North Augusta office
Carol Lloyd, RN, COS-C, Augusta Division
Brenda Nadeau, RN, COS-C, Waynesboro Division
Frances, Bender, RN, COS-C, Waynesboro Division, Swainsboro office
Joanne Reeves, RN, COS-C, Waynesboro Division, Waynesboro office


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