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Watch University Hospital's New Television Campaign February 19, 2007

University Hospital's new television campaign has hit the airwaves

“Just as we used real patients last year to tell our story, we are using real people from the community this year. And it’s our hope that this campaign will build and even stronger bond between our community and University Hospital,” said CEO Larry Read.

The new campaign focuses on University’s outreach into the community and its constant presence in the lives of its patients. That presence is symbolized in the commercials by ribbons of glowing light that stream out of hospital into the streets, neighborhoods and homes of those touched by the hospital’s commitment to care and service.

The ads – one 60-second spot and three 30-second spots – will broadcast in coming weeks and will continue to appear on air into the spring.

Director Norry Niven, who also directed last year's spots, said it was important to him that the commercials had a very polished, professional look, like that of a national or global ad campaign.

“Our production team worked very hard to pool its resources, to shoot on down days, to get vendors to cooperate – to join in on the excitement, so that we could bring you the level of commercial that we feel you deserve – for a regional budget,” Mr. Niven said.

Mr. Read said last year’s ad campaign was a hard one to follow, but he was very pleased with the outcome. He said the new campaign – which also highlights the hospital’s $93.5 million expansion plan – is a way for University to communicate its commitment and compassion to its patients.

“It’s a chance to tell some of the wonderful stories we have here, some of those that come out of our long history of serving this community and our unprecedented plans for shaping the future of health care in the area,” Mr. Read said.

Watch the ads:

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