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Ukrainian Cardiologist Visits University July 3, 2007

(From left) Faiz Rehman, a cardiologist who practices at University Hospital, explains the capabilities of the 64-slice CT scanner to Ukrainian Cardiologist Mikhail Bogdanov, who requested a tour of University's Cardiovascular Services while he was in town. Looking on are his daughter, Olena Scarboro, who acted as translator and Teresa Waters, director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services at University. Dr. Bogdanov asked specifically to see and learn more about Cardiac Rehab as an outpatient service -- it is inpatient in the Ukraine -- and holter monitoring, which is done with a portable devise that allows for continuous monitoring of patients even as they go about their daily lives. The American version of about the size of a remote control; in the Ukraine Dr. Bogdanov said, they are much more unwieldy and about the size of a book bag. He also expressed amazement at the clarity of our cardiac cath images and the capabilities of the 64-slice. In the Ukraine, cardiac caths are considered elective procedures.

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