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Janice Dixon and Marie Jackson Named Employees of the Year for 2007 July 3, 2007

Janice Dixon and Marie Jackson were named the 2007 Employees of the Year at the Service Awards dinner at the Marriott Hotel and Suites on the Savannah River on Tuesday, May 8. This is only the third time since 1968, when University began recognizing an Employee of the Year, that two employees have tied for the honor.

Janice has worked at University for more than 21 years. She is often referred to as “Mama Dixon” in the Women's Center.

She began at University in 1985 as a patient representative, which was later phased out. Janice’s job was transformed into a Representative to all. She has been a valued person to all the employees in the area, in addition to patients and their family members.

Her nominator describes her as a “phenomenal woman,” a “positive person” and a “role model.”

“It takes a special person with a special heart to be able to deal with a mother and know just what to say when that mom is experiencing death instead of the birth of a baby. It takes a special touch, and Janice has that touch,” her nominator said.

Marie has worked in the Pharmacy for more than 14 years. She came to work for University in July of 1992 as a staff pharmacist, later becoming manager of pharmaceutical care. She is now assistant director of this area.

Her nominator said “Marie consistently goes above and beyond her role.” She is also described as an “accessible and caring” colleague. “Her respect and caring for other individuals coincides well with our hospital commitment to quality… she treats others as she would want to be treated,” her nominator said.

The annual award is given by University in conjunction with National Hospital Week May 6-12. Other finalists and excerpts from their nominations are:

Carmen Escartin - Emergency Services
“Carmen is a person who will go out of her way to help anyone. She came to the Ortho Department for a couple who spoke no English (and on her day off) and translated and made sure they understood what was being done. She also went (on her day off) and picked up this couple and took them to the Social Security office and stayed with them and explained everything to them. Carmen is a wonderful woman…”

Vickie Barnes - University Health Service Center
“Anytime she is within the hospital it’s ‘meet and greet’ or ‘stop and help’ – for Vickie, it’s automatic. She’s like a University Hospital saleslady and her sales pitch is a warm welcoming smile and a ‘hello, may I help you?’ or ‘how are you today?’ Her payment is the reward of knowing that she has been able to help someone and at the same time make an impressionable experience for all who come into the doors of University Hospital.”

Amber Mayo – Pharmacy
“We know that the ER is a major entry point to the hospital for many patients, so it only makes sense to have some of the best customer-oriented employees located in this area. Amber serves as a wonderful spokesperson and a role model in this area. She makes herself accessible and routinely interacts with patients, helping them understand what medications they are taking and why.”

Tracy Steed - 4CPCU
“Each day she motivates coworkers by inspiring them to do the best for each patient. She takes care of the whole person, meeting physical needs as well as emotional needs. This care includes the families of patients, since being on 4CPCU can be stressful for a family member…She is hardworking, greets you with a smile, and does more than is required.”


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