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Program Requirements

Augusta Area Dietetic Internship
University Hospital
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Internship Director: Jeanne Lee, MS, RD, LD 


Please see the Application Information page for details.

Recency of Education
The Augusta Area Dietetic Internship will not review an application from a student whose verification statement from an accredited program is greater than five years old unless both of the following criteria are met:

  1. The student has taken in the past three years or is currently enrolled in a medical nutrition therapy, nutrition and metabolism or nutrition assessment course from an accredited program (either graduate or undergraduate level will be acceptable). The student must also submit a transcript indicating the grade received for this course if completed. If currently enrolled, documentation of academic standing by the instructor must be submitted along with the application.
  2. The student has continued to or is currently working in the field of dietetics (six months or longer) or has written documentation that professional currency has been maintained through alternative means such as in job related practice or participation in professional continuing education activities.


Interns need to bring a printer, personal computer with Internet access and an e-mail address.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is not available for interns through the Dietetic Internship program, but interns are required to carry health insurance during their enrollment in the program.


The internship program does not provide housing, but the Augusta area offers abundant, affordable rental accommodations.


Interns are responsible for their own transportation to the various facilities. Most rotations are within 15 miles of University Hospital. Local public transportation is inadequate, therefore each intern must have his/her own motorized vehicle.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to pass each rotation by satisfactorily completing all assignments and supervised learning experiences in order to graduate. The program verification statement indicating successful completion of the program will be given to the graduate on the final day of the program, indicating that the graduate is eligible to write the national registration exam for dietitians.

Additional Requirements

Students entering health-related careers must be of high moral character. A criminal background check is required of all students admitted to the dietetic internship program. Prior criminal charges that are directly pertinent to the applicant’s prospective program could affect the individual’s ability to be allowed in health care settings or to receive a state licensing permit and sit for the national board examinations. A student with previous criminal charges is advised to consult with the program director before applying.  

Before beginning the internship a drug screening test will also be given and interns must have negative results for a 10-panel screen.  During orientation interns will be required to sign documents agreeing to abide by substance abuse policies at various facilities.  

The cost for the background check and the drug testing is currently covered by the program but this is subject to change.


There is no stipend for interns. Interns purchase their own uniforms and books and are responsible for their own living expenses. Meals may be purchased at employee discount prices at most facilities. A detailed budget will be sent to new interns upon acceptance into the program. Estimated expenses interns will incur during the program include:

Non-refundable application fee   $25
D&D Digital Computer Matching  $50
DICAS fee  $40 for first/$20 for each additional
Estimated Budget for 2013-14 Year  
Tuition  $9,000
Books and supplies (including computer)  $1,600
Room and Board (average per month)  $820
Transportation (average per month)  $375
Miscellaneous professional membership dues  $90
Personal (insurance, dues, miscellaneous/month)  $350

Financial Aid

AADI no longer participates in the Federal Direct Loan program.

Students may apply for scholarships through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, the Georgia Dietetic Association Foundation and through the Morrison S.O.D.A program. More information about available scholarships will be sent to interns after the appointment date.

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