University Health Care System
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University's Management Team

 James R. Davis
University Health
Care System

University Health Care System and University Health Care Services and Extended Care




 Dave Belkoski
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Marilyn Bowcutt
EVP/COO University Health Care System and
University Hospital

Ed Burr
Senior Vice President
Legal Affairs/Compliance Officer 




 Les Clonch
Vice President
Information Systems

William Farr, M.D.
Vice President
Medical Affairs/
Chief Medical Officer 

Stephen M. Gooden, M.D.
Vice President
Clinical Transformation


Kyle Howell
Vice President
Support and Facilities Services

Sandi McVicker
University Hospital McDuffie/CNO

Laurie Ott
Vice President 
Human Resources
and Community Services

President University Health 
Care Foundation 

Mug of Lynda Watts

 Lynda Jones Watts
Vice President
Patient Care Services/CNO 

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