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Expect a Special Delivery

A confident childbirth experience begins with information. Our comprehensive education program is designed to help you make informed decisions. Programs are tailored to first-time mothers and fathers and returning parents wanting to brush up on their skills. Classes are held on-site throughout the year so you can become better acquainted with our staff and facilities. Call 706/774-2825 to register.

This electronic newsletter guides parents through pregnancy and the first six months of their babies' lives. You'll receive weekly messages tailored to your week of pregnancy or the age of your child, delivered straight to your in-box.

After you deliver here, we offer other patient-focused services that guide your family through the first days of bonding and prepare you for your new lives together. It's a decidedly personal approach that puts your concerns at center stage … an approach that addresses having a baby as anything but ordinary. We understand that questions will arise even after you've gone home.

Our support services include:

  • Breast-feeding support
  • Extensive childbirth education classes
  • Individual mother, baby and family education during your stay
  • Born to Read Program

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Updated: 6/21/13


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