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 University Health Care System
 Centers Of Excellence-Homepage
       About Us
            About University
            Awards & Recognition
                 CareChex Ratings
                 Healthgrades Ratings
            Community Benefit
            Contact Us
            Magnet Hospital
                 DAISY Award
            Partners in Patient Care
            State-of-the-art Technology
            The Future of Health Care
                 University Lab Expansion
                 University's Surgery Care Center
            University Health Care System's Mission and Vision
            University Health Link
                 Occupational Health/Occupational Medicine
                 Work Performance Center
                 Your Health Plan Worksheet
            University's Affiliated Boards
            University's Executive Team
            University's History
       Allied Health
            Allied Health
                 Harry T. Harper Jr., M.D., School of Cardiac and Vascular Technology
                      Cardiac Catheterization
                      Faculty and Medical Advisors
                      General Information
                      Harry T. Harper, M.D.
                      Noninvasive Cardiology
                      Vascular Technology
                 Stephen W. Brown, M.D., School of Radiography
                      Academics - School of Radiography
                           Program Effectiveness - School of Radiography
                      Class Calendar - School of Radiography
                      Curriculum - School of Radiography
                      Learning Outcomes - School of Radiography
       Career Opportunities
            Careers at University
       Charitable Giving
            1818 Society
            About the Foundation
            Donor Recognition
                 Contact the Foundation
            Foundation News
            Planned Giving
            Serenity Garden
       Community Needs Assessment
       For Physicians/AHPs
            Resident and Student Login
       How We Compare/Quality
            Blood Clot Prevention
                 Our Current Numbers - Blood Clot Prevention
            Heart Attack
                 Our Current Numbers -- Heart Attack
                 Patient Testimonials -- Heart Attack
                      Denise Burckhalter
                      George Ogles
            Heart Failure
                 Our Current Numbers -- Heart Failure
                 Patient Testimonials -- Heart Failure
                      Daryl Williams
                      Marilyn Drenten
                      Marlene Benjamin
            Outcome of Care
                 Our Current Numbers -- Pneumonia
                 Patient Testimonials -- Pneumonia
                      Amy Winn
                      Truett Wood
                 Our Current Numbers -- Stroke
            Surgical Care Improvement Project
                 Our Current Numbers -- Surgical Care
                 Patient Testimonials -- Surgical Care
                      Chasity Rabun
                      Shirley Scott
                      Tony Tapley
            Use of Medical Imaging
       Inpatient Services
       Outpatient Services
            Cancer - Outpatient Services
       Physician Admission Line
       Physician Opportunities
       Volunteer Opportunities
       Physician Status
       Press Room
            Downloadable Graphics
            Downloadable Photos
            Media Policies
                 Policy Documents
            Media Relations Team
       Privacy Practices
            Internet Privacy
            Patient Notice of Privacy Practices
       Site Map
       Health & Wellness
            A-Z Health Library
            Eating Well with Kim
            Health Links
            Publications & Productions
       Hospitals & Facilities
            Brandon Wilde
            Columbia County Campus
            Community Clinics
            Evans Campus
            Evans Imaging Center
            Grovetown Campus
            Kentwood Extended Care
            Peach Orchard Campus
            Surgery Center of Columbia County
            University Hospital
            University Hospital McDuffie
                 Finding Your Way - UHM
                 Our Physicians - UHM
                 Our Services - UHM
                 Patient Information - UHM
                 Visitor Information - UHM
            Westwood Extended Care
       Patients & Visitors
            Billing Information
                 Contact Patient Account Services
                 Help Getting Health Care Service
                 Help With Your Hospital Bills
                 Information for Medicare Patients
                 Insurance Plans
            For Patients
                  Patient Satisfaction
                      Our Current Numbers -- Patient Satisfaction
                 Admission Information
                      Advanced Directives
                      For Parents of Pediatric Patients
                      For Your Visitors
                      Medical Services
                      Patient Rights and Responsibilities
                      Patient Services
                      Your Care Team/Medical Records
                 Care Line
                      Contact Us at Care Line
                 Indigent Care Policy
                 Safety and Security
                 Telephone Services
                 The Hair Salon
                 The Joint Commission Notice Regarding Safety & Quality of Care
            For Visitors
                 Accommodations for Out-of-Town Guests
                 Alojamiento para Hu├ęspedes de Fuera de la Cuidad
                 Hospital Dining Choices
                 Visiting Hours
            Important Phone Numbers
                 Contact Access Services
       Services & Specialties
            Bariatric Surgery/Weight Management
                 About Morbid Obesity
                 Bariatric FAQ
                      Co-Morbid Conditions
                      Coping with Concerns
                      Life After Surgery
                      Qualifying for Bariatric Surgery
                 Bariatric Glossary
                 Gastric Banding
                 Obesity and Health
                      Obesity and Acid Reflux
                      Obesity and Cancer
                      Obesity and Diabetes
                      Obesity and Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
                      Obesity and High Cholesterol
                      Obesity and Sleep Apnea
                 Sleeve Gastrectomy
                 Weight Management Testimonials
            Breast Health Center
                 Breast Cancer Navigator + Survivorship
                 Breast Cancer Support
                 Breast Health Treatments
                      Breast Cancer Diagnosis
                 Breast MRI Information
                 Contact the Breast Health Center
                 Magnolias Boutique
                 Prevention & Risk Factors
                      Breast Cancer Education
                      Buddy Check 6 Program
                      Mobile Mammography
                      Test Your Breast Health Knowledge
            Cancer Services
                 Cancer Support and Resources
                      Cancer Answer
                      Cancer Facts for Men and Women
                      Cancer Links
                      Cancer Resource Rooms
                      Cancer Support Groups
                      People Living with Cancer
                 Cancer Survivorship Program
                 Cancer Treatments
                      Diagnosis: The First Step
                      PET Scanner
                      Rehabilitation: Compassionate Care
                      Treatment: The Battle Begins
                 Clinical Trials
                      Participating in a Trial: Questions to Ask
                      Should I Take Part in a Clinical Trial?
                      Taking Part In Cancer Treatment Research Studies
                 Commission on Cancer Accreditation
                 Prevention & Risk Factors
                      Cancer Risk Factors and Facts
                      Cancer Screening Guidelines
                      Prevention and Education
                      Smoking and Cancer
            Cardiac PET
            Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System
            Diabetes Services
            Disease Management
            Emergency Services
            ER Express at University
                 ER Express - Aiken Prompt Care
                 ER Express - Evans Prompt Care
                 ER Express - Georgia Ave. Prompt Care
                 ER Express - Grovetown Prompt Care
                 ER Express - University Hospital
                 ER Express - University Hospital Peds
            Heart & Vascular
                 Heart & Vascular Institute
                      Heart & Vascular Outpatient Services
                           Cardiac CT Diagnostics
                           Heart & Vascular Recovery Checklist and Fax Cover Sheet
                      University's Helipad
                      Up-to-the-Minute Therapies
                           TAVR - Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
                 Heart Care
                 Prevention & Risk Factors
                      Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center
                           Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Exam
                           Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Screening Exam
                           Carotid Intima Media Thickness Test
                      Heart Disease Facts and Risk Factors
                      Symptoms of a Heart Attack
                 Support & Resources
                      Education, Rehabilitation and Disease Management
                 University Vein Center
                      About Vein Diseases
                      Contact the University Vein Center
                      Vein Center Physicians
                      Vein Function & Anatomy
                      Vein Treatment
                 Vascular Care
                      Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
                      Carotid Artery Disease
                      Deep Vein Thrombosis
                      Fenestrated Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Graft
                      Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
                      Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
                      Stroke/Coronary Care Units
            Heart Vascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
            Home Health and Extended Care Services
            Infusion Center
            Laboratory Services
            Maternity Care
                 Born to Read Program
                 Educational Support
                 Online Nursery
                      Newborn Photography Tips
                 Patient Choice
                 Solid Reputation, Expert Treatment
            Medical Records
            MRI & Open MRI
            Nutrition Services
            Occupational Health
                 Occupational/Physical Therapy
                      Details about Occupational Health Appt
            Ortho/Spine Services
                 After Your Orthopaedic Surgery
                 Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
                 Multimodal Pain Management Protocol
                 The New Nine
            Outpatient Procedures
                 Barium Enema (BE), Upper GI Series, Small Bowel Series
                 Bone Scan
                 Cardiac Stress Test (Treadmill)
                 CT Scans
                 Gallbladder (HIDA) Scan
                 Gallium Scan
                 Laboratory Services - Outpatient
                 Lung Scan
                 Outpatient Guide to Cardiac Catheterization
                 Permacath Insertion
                 Prostascint Scan
                 Transesophageal Echocardiogram
                 University's Outpatient Center
                 Upright Tilt Table Test
            Palliative Care
            Pediatric Services
            Physical & Occupational Therapy
            Prompt Care & Occupational Medicine Centers
            Radiology Services
            Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services
            Respiratory Therapy
            Sleep Study Lab
            Speech and Hearing
                 Details about Speech and Hearing Appt
            Stroke Unit
            Surgical Services
            Surgical Services - Outpatient
                 Detailed Instructions for your day surgery appointment
            Vascular Lab
            Volunteer Board
            Women's Services
                 Women's - Outpatient Services
                 Women's Health Quiz
            Wound & Hyperbaric Center
 My Health Portal
 Public Health Update

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