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Red Flags for Heart Attack and Stroke

Taking care of your health is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. University Health Care System is proud to announce the opening of our Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, located in the University Heart and Vascular Institute. We are dedicated to helping you accurately assess your risk for heart attack and stroke and to providing education regarding an aggressive treatment method that has been shown to prevent these, as well as other, devastating cardiovascular diseases.

While comprehensive testing at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center will give you the most precise assessment of your level of risk, there are a number of red flags that may indicate an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or diabetes.

Do you have any of the following:

* Indicates required information
Personal or family history of cardiovascular disease * 
Personal or family history of heart attack, stroke or Type 2 diabetes  * 
Diabetes (risk factor for heart attack and stroke)  * 
Gestational diabetes  * 
Elevated cholesterol  * 
Nicotine use in any form  * 
Secondary exposure to nicotine use (such as second-hand smoke) * 
Psychosocial issues such as depression, anxiety or stress * 
High blood pressure * 
Abdominal obesity  * 
Sleep problems * 
Age (men older than 40 and women older than 50) * 
Gum disease  * 
Erectile dysfunction  * 
Rheumatoid arthritis * 
Lupus * 
Psoriasis * 
Migraine headaches * 
Gout * 
Polycystic ovaries * 
Hirsutism (facial hair growth in women)  * 
Oligomenorrhea (changes in menstrual cycles) * 
Hispanic or African-American descent * 
Osteoporosis * 
Pre-eclampsia  * 
Breast cancer treatment * 

Tell us about yourself

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