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Heart Attack

At University Health Care System, patients are our priority, and we take pride in the care we provide. To monitor the quality of that care, we track specific quality measures and compare them to benchmark measures at local levels. We publish these quality measures so you can draw your own conclusions regarding your health care choices. Our comparison numbers are from Hospital Compare, an online tool provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. For additional detailed information choose the "click for details" buttons on the left. The numbers used in these tables are from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, except where noted and include patients with Medicare, those enrolled in Medicare health plans and those who don't have Medicare.

A heart attack (also called AMI or acute myocardial infarction) happens when the arteries leading to the heart become blocked and the blood supply is slowed or stopped. These measures show some of the process of care provided, if appropriate for most adults who have had a heart attack. The outpatient Heart Attack or Chest Pain measures apply to patients transferred to an acute care facility for a higher level of care.

Note: Higher percentages are better for all measures listed, except where noted.

Click for details University Trinity GRUMC Doctors Aiken Top 10% of hospitals
  PCI within 90 minutes  
98% Not Available1 95%2 100% 94%  100%
  Aspirin at discharge  
100% 100%  100%2 100% 98%  100%
  Statin prescription at discharge  
100% 100% 99%2 100% 98%  100%
  Fibrinolytic meds
within 30 min
Not Available1 Not Available2,7 Not Available2,7 Not Available7 Not Available7  100%
  Time to Transfer Outpatient Heart Patient  
Not Available5 Not Available3,7 Not Available5 Not Available5 Not Available  Not Available3,7
  Time for Outpatient ECG for Possible Heart Attack  
Not Available5 Not Available1,3 Not Available5 Not Available5 Not Available1,3 4 minutes


  Outpatient Given Clot-busting Drugs w/i 30 Minutes  
Not Available5 Not Available3,7 Not Available5 Not Available5 Not Available3,7  100%


  Outpatient Aspirin w/i 24 Hours or Before Transport  
Not Available5 Not Available1,3 Not Available5 Not Available5 Not Available1,3  100%
  Our Current Numbers -- Heart Attack  
  Hospital Compare  

1 The number of cases is too small to reliably tell how well a hospital is performing.
2 The hospital indicated that the data submitted for this measure were based on a sample of cases.
3 Data were collected during a shorter period (fewer quarters) than the maximum possible time for this measure.
5 Results are nto available for this reporting period.
7 No cases met the criteria for this measure.

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