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Mission and Goals

Augusta Area Dietetic Internship
University Hospital
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Internship Director: Jeanne Lee, MS, RD, LD

The Augusta Area Dietetic Internship (AADI) mission statement is:

The Augusta Area Dietetic Internship is committed to further educate dietetic program graduates through supervised experiences where the student's theoretical knowledge can be translated into application. This comprehensive program will provide the best learning opportunities possible for students to gain additional skills, knowledge, and abilities that will prepare them as competent entry-level practitioners.

Goals of AADI

Goal 1: To prepare graduates to become competent registered dietitians for entry – level practice.

  • 80 percent of graduates will take and pass the registration exam on their first attempt
  • 95 percent of interns will successfully complete all program requirements within 130 percent of the time planned for completion
  • 85 percent of graduates who seek employment will be employed as a dietitian or in a dietetic related position within six months of graduation
  • 90 percent of the employers of graduates, responding to a survey, will indicate that the graduate was adequately prepared for an entry-level position
  • 90 percent of the graduates, responding to a survey, will indicate that the program prepared them adequately for entry- level practice

Goal 2: To prepare graduates who demonstrate professional growth and a commitment to life long learning.

  • 50 percent or more graduates, responding to a survey, will indicate that they are pursuing an advance degree or specialty certification
  • 100 percent of the Interns will become members of the national, state and local dietetic association and attend three or more meetings during the program

Goal 3: To prepare graduates who will provide leadership and service in their communities and /or professional organizations.

  • 60 percent of graduates, responding to a survey, will indicate their  leadership activities in professional organizations and/or their involvement in community service.
  • During the program year, 100 percent of the interns will complete a minimum of two community related activities that are above program requirements

For more information on how these outcomes are measured, contact the program director.

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