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Community Benefit

Indigent and Charity Care

In 2014, University Health Care System provided $34,692,975 in indigent and charity care. These costs include:

$20,353,582 for inpatient and outpatient services for indigent patients. This includes Project Access, which University helped develop in 2002 with the Richmond County Medical Society to care for Richmond and Columbia County indigent patients. University continues to be Augusta’s largest
hospital contributor of funds and services to this program.

$1,591,998 to help support community clinics such as Christ Community Clinic, the Lamar Medical Center, Belle Terrace Health and Wellness Center, St. Vincent dePaul and the Harrisburg Family Healthcare Clinic.

$7,488,260 in uncompensated physician services for indigent and charity patients.

$191,713 for disease management programs coordinated and staffed by University to help people with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, asthma and congestive obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) better manage their conditions so they live longer, healthier lives.

Not included in the community benefit amount, but a significant contribution by University Hospital is the loss sustained by “bad debt,” or the amount of care provided for which payment was expected but not received and “Medicare and Medicaid shortfalls,” or the difference between the cost of care provided to those patients and the payment received from the state and federal government for that care.

Community Outreach

Staying true to our mission of helping people stay healthy, University reached more than 575,000 people in 2014 and invested more than $200,000 on free screenings and community education to spotlight the importance of prevention and early detection of disease.

Health Professions Education

At University we know that a skilled and educated workforce is an important part of providing advanced health. In 2014, University invested more than $600,000 in three University-based programs — Harry T. Harper Jr., M.D., School of Cardiac and Vascular Technology; Augusta Dietetic Internship; and Stephen W. Brown School of Radiography — to train excellent allied health professionals.

* Dollar amounts reflect estimated costs, not charges. Information may not be IRS Form 990 Schedule H compliant.

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