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Amy Winn

Amy Winn, of Aiken, knew she’d waited too long.

She’d been having problems catching her breath for days, but ignored the symptoms and put it out of her mind since her husband was on a business trip and her daughter was away at college in Columbia.

But eventually even she knew she was in trouble. She called her daughter, who rushed home to take Amy to University Hospital’s Emergency Department.

“I was literally gasping for breath when we got there,” she said. “They took us straight back to triage and put me on oxygen.”

The oxygen helped Amy breath easier, calming both her and her frantic daughter. Then, the University team went to work.

“They had me on antibiotics before I ever left the ED, and I had a whole team of physicians working on me – the ED physician, the hospitalist, a pulmonologist; it really was a full court press,” she said.

Amy was admitted to University Hospital for seven days where she received an extensive regimen of antibiotics and breathing treatments.

“Every day there was a strict treatment plan, and it ran 24 hours a day,” she said. “To be honest, I didn’t get a lot of rest there, but I certainly felt like a completely different person by the time I left.”

Amy has nothing but praise for the University staff members, who went out of their way to ensure her comfort and even went out of their way to calm and comfort her daughter.

“That was really important because I know she was so scared for me while I was in the hospital,” Amy said.

Even after leaving University Hospital, Amy said her treatment continued, but despite the seriousness of her condition initially, she was able to return to work soon after she was discharged.

“It really was amazing to me how quickly I was able to get back to work,” she said.

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