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Hyperbaric Oxygen Unit

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that uses oxygen and a pressurized chamber. The patient is placed within the chamber, and the atmospheric pressure is then increased to the level ordered by the consulting hyperbaric physician while the patient breathes 100 percent oxygen.

Hyperbaric medicine can be used to treat selected wound problems, infections of bone, air or gas bubbles in an artery, carbon monoxide poisoning, diving accidents (the bends), radiation tissue injury, crush injuries and skin graft/flap support.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works like this: when a patient breathes 100 percent oxygen under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, greater amounts of oxygen are dissolved in the bloodstream and carried to the body tissues in amounts sufficient to promote a healing effect. Depending on the reason for referral, patients may receive increased oxygen delivered to injured tissue, greater blood vessel formation, improved infection control, preservation of damaged tissues, elimination of toxic substances, reduced effects from toxic substances or reduction or elimination of tissue obstructions by gas bubbles.

The number of treatments a patient receives depends on the condition being treated. Some emergency conditions will require only one or two treatments. In most cases of wound healing support, effects are gradual, and 20-40 treatments may be required. The exact number will be determined by the patient’s response to hyperbaric oxygen.

Hyperbaric treatments can be given on an inpatient or outpatient basis, once or twice a day, determined by the consulting hyperbaric physician, on a five-day-per-week schedule. Treatments usually take 90 minutes plus preparation time.

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