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Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services

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Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services (RCSAS) provides quality, efficient and culturally competent crisis intervention, advocacy, therapy and prevention education to children, women and men.

RCSAS provides help at no cost for survivors of sexual assault and their families regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred or whether it was reported. Our services include:

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line with staff or trained volunteers available seven days a week
  • Advocacy & crisis intervention for survivors at the hospital, law enforcement or court
  • Information & referral to community resources
  • Therapy & support groups with licensed counselors
  • Sexual assault prevention education programs for all ages
  • Community education programs
  • Training for professionals
  • Promotion of survivor’s right to know and choose possible courses of action

Sexual assault is a crime. It is motivated by a need to control, humiliate and harm. It is not motivated by sexual desire. Most often, people are sexually assaulted by someone they know. Sexual assault is more widespread than most people recognize. One in six women and one in 33 men report an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime and  60.4 percent of females and 69.2 percent of male victims were sexually assaulted before 18 years of age.

If You Are Sexually Assaulted

  • Go to a safe place
  • Do not shower or bathe
  • Do not change your clothes or brush your teeth
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Report to law enforcement
  • Seek counseling
  • Remember, sexual assault is NEVER your fault!

Call Rape Crisis at 706/724-5200 or 800/656-HOPE. Our advocates can answer the medical and emotional questions you may have.

Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services offers volunteer advocate training several times a year for persons interested in responding to victims of rape or sexual assault. Participants will learn about the legal and emotional aspects of this crime.

Rape Crisis also offers therapeutic support groups for adolescent and adult survivors of rape and sexual assault. These groups are designed to provide support to persons who have experienced a rape or sexual assault at any point in their life. An initial screening is required. Prior or concurrent individual counseling is preferred.

Check the Calendar of Events for specific dates or call 706.724.5200.

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