Weather Alert for Wednesday, Feb. 12 February 11, 2014

At 5 p.m. today, Policy G-56 ICE AND SNOW STORM EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION PLAN, will be activated. It is attached for your convenience.

At 5 p.m., the plan calls for all nonessential personnel to be dismissed at their director's discretion. Nonessential employees are not expected to report to work on Wednesday and should observe a late start on Thursday with their director's approval.

Unless conditions change, we will not be activating the transportation part of the plan because of the potentially hazardous situation the ice could create. All directors of essential employees should be communicating expectations with their employees about plans to stay over and/or come in early to cover shifts.

Employees are encouraged to park in the visitors' parking deck as an option because upper levels of the employee deck will be closed. There will not be a command center established because we are not using transportation. Calls for bedding for employees who are staying in the hospital overnight to help with the G-56 activation should be directed to ext. 8-1408.

Refer to attached Policies G-56 and C-21 for information regarding pay while Policy G-56 is in effect, or ask your supervisor for clarification.

Patient Areas Closures and Delays

  • Outpatient Surgery will be cancelled on Wednesday.
  • All University physician practices except Family Physicians of North Augusta and Prompt Care will be closed on Wednesday. Both are planning a 10 am delayed start on Thursday. Prompt Care will open at 10 am and will close at 5 pm on Wednesday.
  • *UPDATED 2/12/14 AT 1:10 P.M.* All University Medical Group physician practices, to include prompt care, are closed. We will monitor the weather and make a decision on a delayed start time for tomorrow. We will keep you updated. *END UPDATE*

We will update our website, for expectations for employees and patient closures. Further questions regarding your work expectations should be directed to your supervisor. Please read Policy G-56 in its entirety so everyone understands the responsibilities and expectations of each department.

Thank you.

University Policies Regarding Weather