Community Benefit - 2019 Audited Financials

Indigent and Charity Care

Our goal is to serve the special needs of each patient and family member, treating them with dignity and respect with a customer service mindset, regardless of their ability to pay.

 In 2019, University provided $52.2 million in indigent and charity care at cost for inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy and physician services for indigent patients, and direct financial support of community clinics like Christ Community Health Services.

Community Outreach

We invested nearly $109,021 at cost to provide free health screenings, community education and support to more than 10,600 participants.

Health Professions Education

At University we know that a skilled and educated workforce is an important part of providing advanced health-care.  We opened our doors to 78 medical residents, who performed 3,512 cases to further their education, along with 549 nursing students. University provided these services at its cost of $1.7 million, combined with training students in University’s Schools of Radiography and Cardiovascular Technology.

University Health Care Foundation

University Health Care Foundation disbursed $3.2 million and providing 4,215 instances of direct patient assistance in 2019.

 Their legacy of time, talent and treasure continued for their 70th year as University Volunteer Services provided a record number of 43,050 hours and $275,615 in donations to serve patients.