Community Needs Assessment

University’s (now Piedmont Augusta) 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment was created with the help of a number of people and organizations that researched community demographics, socio-economic factors and health service utilization trends. Using the CHNA process outlined in this report, along with resources such as the Richmond County Health Department and Healthy Communities Institute, University was able to narrow its assessment scope to the following health issues: Heart disease and stroke; diabetes; and women's health. This report offers suggestions for how we might collaborate with local organizations and agencies to improve our community’s health and illustrates how University is meeting its obligation to deliver efficient health care services.

We do not have adequate resources to solve all the problems identified during this assessment process. Some issues are beyond the mission of University Hospital and University Hospital McDuffie (now Piedmont McDuffie) and require action from other people or organizations. We view this as a plan for how we, along with other organizations and agencies, can collaborate to bring the best each has to offer to address the more pressing identified needs.

University Hospital and University Hospital McDuffie will use this assessment as a guide for strengthening, creating and/or implementing programs that address the identified health needs of our community.

Our Community Health Needs Assessments, 2019

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