University's Affiliated Boards

2020 Board Membership

Some of the region's most-respected business leaders and physicians volunteer their time and talents by serving on University's governing boards. These dedicated professionals spend untold hours away from their families and personal careers to help ensure that University remains on the forefront of healthcare delivery. Their foresight and passion for serving the needs of the CSRA should not go unrecognized.

University Health, Inc.;
University Health Services, Inc.;
University Extended Care, Inc;
University Health Resources, Inc.

  • Hugh L. Hamilton*/Chairman
  • Brian J. Marks, Secretary / Vice Chairman
  • James W. Bennett Jr.
  • Levi W. Hill IV
  • Daniel H. Boone, M.D.
  • Charles G. (Pete) Caye Jr.
  • William P. Doupé
  • Terry D. Elam
  • Jeffrey L. Foreman
  • Catherine D. Knox
  • Sanford Loyd*
  • Eugene F. McManus*
  • Natalie D. Schweers
  • James C. Sherman, M.D.
  • W. Craig Smith
  • James R. Davis (EO)
  • Atoya Jones, Assistant Secretary

*Hospital Authority Member

  • R. Smith, M.D., **Trustee Emeritus
  • R. Lee Smith Jr., **Chairman Emeritus

Executive Committee of Boards

  • Brian J. Marks, Chairman
  • James W. Bennett Jr.
  • Daniel H. Boone, M.D.
  • William P. Doupé
  • Hugh L. Hamilton
  • Levi W. Hill IV
  • Eugene F. McManus
  • James R. Davis (EO)
  • Atoya Jones, Recording Secretary

Richmond County Hospital Authority

  • Hugh L. Hamilton, Chairman
  • Mac A. Bowman, M.D., Vice Chairman
  • Sanford Loyd
  • Brandon Garrett (County Commission)
  • Alexander H. MacDonell III, M.D.
  • Eugene F. McManus
  • Rabbi David Sirull
  • Edward Tarver
  • Anne D. Trotter
  • Atoya Jones, Recording Secretary

University Hospital McDuffie

  • William P. Doupé, Chairman
  • John Bieltz, D.O.
  • Robin S. Dudley
  • Edward L. Burr
  • James R. Davis
  • Dawn Swan, Recording Secretary