About Harry T. Harper, M.D.

The School of Cardiac and Vascular Technology is dedicated to the memory of Harry T. Harper Jr., M.D., physician and educator.

Harry T. Harper Jr., M.D., was instrumental in the advancement of Cardiology locally and nationally. Throughout his career, his dedication and knowledge led to the practice of Cardiology as we see it today.

His passion for Cardiology seemed boundless. He was a pervasive force in the development of coronary care and other technologies. He gave credence to all who were involved with patient care. Though he was a mild-spoken man, all listened when he spoke for the pearl or two that would come from his lips. His peers adored him, and patient care providers hungered for his words. It was not unusual for Dr. Harper to bring in books or journal articles that he perceived might whet the appetite for further learning.

A practicing noninvasive cardiologist, Dr. Harper had great respect for the technologies. His encouragement and foresight led others in the invasive arena to enthusiastically pursue their dreams. He was directly responsible for assisting in the education of many cardiologists and nurses in the Augusta area and the national scene.

Quality was his password to life and patient care. Our community and our physicians, nurses and other allied health providers owe so much to Dr. Harper. We thank him for giving to us, for helping us find our way toward advancing technology and for telling and showing us in his quiet, soft-spoken way that quality does matter.