Breast Health Center & Oncology Services Senior Secretary

Piedmont Augusta's Breast Health Center and Oncology Services would not be able to provide the high-quality care they do without the dedication and care of our secretary.

What does the Senior Secretary do?

Our Senior Secretary provides our staff members with everything they need to assist you in your education, treatment and care. Some of the things she is responsible for are:

  • Greeting patients at check-in to the Breast Health Center
  • Calling you to schedule appointments with one of our Cancer Care staff members
  • Create resource folders and care bags
  • Gather Breast Cancer Awareness materials for community outreach
  • Obtain funding for non-insured patients in need of a biopsy

Piedmont Augusta knows this is a difficult time and our senior secretary is here to help our staff provide you with the care and confidence you need to fight this battle.

Senior Secretary Barbara Powell

Barbara is an 18-year employee of Piedmont Augusta and has worked in the Breast Health Center since 2014. The Breast Health Center holds a very special place in Barbara’s heart as her mother, sister-in-law and friends have received excellent care while battling breast cancer.