Oncology Genetic Counseling

Receiving a cancer diagnosis or having a strong family history of cancer can be daunting. Our genetic counselors are here to help you understand the potential impact that your genes can have on your diagnosis or your risk of developing cancer.  

What is an oncology genetic counselor?

An oncology genetic counselor is a health professional that identifies and counsels individuals at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. They identify those at risk by recording a detailed family history, including those individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. If a hereditary cancer syndrome is suspected, the genetic counselor will recommend genetic testing. Genetic counselors also provide post-test counseling to help you understand your genetic testing result. Genetic testing results can have implications for other family members and on decisions regarding the treatment of surgery.

What do genetic counselors look for in a family history?

  • The young age of cancer diagnosis
  • Multiple cancers of the same type
  • Rare cancers, like ovarian or pancreatic
  • Certain cancer pathologies

During a genetics appointment, the genetic counselor will:

  • Ask about your medical history
  • Take a 3-generation family history
  • Determine the gene panel that is appropriate for you
  • Explain the possible results, benefits, and limitations of genetic testing
  • Support you in decision-making
  • Follow-up with you about your genetic test results and the implications of the results

To contact one of the genetic counselors for questions or more information, please call 706/774-4141.

Meet our Genetic Counselors

Shandrea Foster, MS, LCGC

Shandrea is from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, 2015, and her Masters of Science degree in Genetic Counseling, 2018, from the University of South Carolina. She loves advocating for patients and providing education to individuals with inherited cancer syndromes. In her free time, Shandrea likes to explore the art and nature the greater Augusta area has to offer. 

Morgan Luevano, MS, GC

Originally from West Columbia, South Carolina, Morgan is the newest member of the Cancer Services team. She received a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from Clemson University in 2018 and a Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from Bay Path University in 2020. Morgan enjoys connecting with patients and guiding them through the process of genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes.