Online Resources

It can be difficult to navigate the overwhelming amount of information on the internet when it comes to a cancer diagnosis. Whether it’s not knowing if you can trust the information or wondering if it is up to date with the latest information, it can certainly seem daunting.

Listed below are some creditable, trustworthy sites to help you in your cancer journey.

General Information

American Cancer Society 

American Cancer Society partners with Piedmont Augusta to provide our patients with educational materials and practical support. While the American Cancer Society does conduct research, they also provide support to patients and offer programs designed to help them access care.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is a national nonprofit organization geared towards those with breast cancer. They seek to provide patients with support and evidence-based content. They additionally host a survivorship series for women 45 years of age and under through our hospital.

Colorectal Cancer Alliance 

Colorectal Cancer Alliance is a national organization geared towards educating people on colorectal screening and providing resources and support for those with colon or rectal cancer.


LUNGevity is the largest national lung cancer-focused nonprofit. They provide education and support for those with lung cancer as well as conduct research.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a national organization for all blood cancers. They provide a variety of resources for a person with blood cancer, including peer support, financial assistance, education, nutrition support, etc.

Psychosocial Information

Triage Cancer 

Triage Cancer is a non-profit organization created by two cancer rights attorneys. On their website, you will find a wealth of educational materials on different legal and practical issues related to a cancer diagnosis. They cover topics such as disability insurance, employment, finances, health insurance, and more.

Cancer and Careers 

Cancer and Careers is an organization that exists to educate and empower people on working with a cancer diagnosis. They do so by providing educational materials and hosting events on work-related concerns.


CancerCare is an organization providing free, professional support services to the cancer population. They have numerous publications on a wide variety of topics, provide free online support groups, and even some financial assistance.

Cancer Finances 

Cancer Finances is a website created and operated by Triage Cancer. This website serves as a virtual toolkit for people with cancer to connect them with financial assistance resources available.