About the Foundation

University Health Care Foundation was established in 1978 with a simple goal directed by our mission statement: to improve the health of those we serve. Today and in the future, the Foundation will serve University Health Care System and its patients by providing the additional financial resources for uncovered medication, medical equipment, capital improvements, education, therapy, physician visits and support groups.

University Health Care Foundation
2021 Board of Directors

  • Anne D. Trotter, Chair
  • David Hogg, Jr., Chair-Elect
  • William E. Barfield Jr., M.D., Immediate Past Chair
  • Philip A. Gaffney
  • Jed Howington, M.D.
  • Harry W. Jernigan IV
  • Joshua B. Rafoth, M.D.
  • Taite Sasnett
  • Elaine Clark Smith
  • Tom Wyatt
  • Mark Wills
  • Becky Smith
  • Cargill Alleyne, M.D.
  • Patricia Bensema, Corporate Secretary

Foundation Staff