University Health Care Foundation Endowments

From a charitable standpoint, endowment funds assure long-term financial stability. Through endowments, assets are irrevocably set aside for the future of services and programs provided by and through University Health Care System. The Foundation has more than 100 endowments created to benefit causes ranging from community health outreach to diabetes family support. To learn more about establishing an endowment or contributing to one of the endowments listed here, please contact the Foundation by E-mail or call 706/667-0030.

Cancer Endowments

William “Ken” & Ruby Dennis Endowment – This endowment was established to assist in the delivery of health care services to individuals who would otherwise be unable to obtain the necessary health care services. Particular consideration will be given to vision, hearing, and cancer patients.

Harry W. Jernigan Jr. Endowment – This endowment was established in memory of Mr. Harry W. Jernigan, Jr., the Foundation’s first president. The endowment will serve the needs of the Harry W. Jernigan Cancer Center. This endowment will provide continuing education and/or scholarship grants for tuition and related educational expenses for individuals employed with University Health Care System. Such scholarships or grants will be for assistance in obtaining Bachelor’s or Graduate level degrees at an accredited institution. Further, it is intended that the priority for receiving such grants will be for individuals engaged in clinical or other related professional areas associated in their work with the Center. The endowment may also be used to provide financial assistance to patients of the Center who meet financial assistance criteria.

Orthopaedic Endowments

H. Sherman Blalock, M.D., Endowment – This endowment was established in honor of Dr. Sherman Blalock’s retirement from orthopedic surgery; and will be used to support the needs of orthopaedic patient at University Hospital.

Charles Freeman Jr., M.D., Endowment – This endowment was established to honor Dr. Charles Freeman Jr. for 42 years of dedicated service on the University Hospital Medical Staff and will benefit orthopaedic patients and services at University Hospital.

Women's Health Endowments

William E. Barfield Sr., M.D., Endowment – This endowment was established to honor Dr. Barfield's vast contributions in the field of endocrinology and women's health. The purpose of this endowment will be to support women’s health issues by furthering nursing education with scholarships and continuing education support.

Women’s Breast Health Center Endowment – This endowment was established to support the needs of the Women’s Breast Health Center at University Hospital.

Heart & Vascular Endowments

Mac Bowman, M.D., Endowment – This endowment supports community education to improve cardiovascular health, cardiac rehab patient support, health screenings and the screenings of student athletes.  

Elaine Clark Smith Heart & Vascular Endowment – This endowment was established to provide for special needs of Heart & Vascular Institute patients, support programs that bring awareness to women’s heart health, and to provide for continuing education and certification needs of Heart & Vascular Institute employees.