Support Groups

Living with diabetes is a challenge and those who are diagnosed must consistently monitor their blood sugar, follow a meal plan, see their physician regularly and more. Managing the disease, as well as the complex symptoms and conditions that can accompany diabetes, is a full-time job. But, with proper care and regular monitoring, diabetes can be managed.

Whether you have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, our support groups and classes can help you navigate the day-to-day routines required to maintain your health. Currently, we offer the following support groups:

Insulin Pump Support Group 

The Insulin Pump Support Group is for people with diabetes who use insulin pumps. The group is facilitated by a Registered Nurse who is a Certified Diabetes Educator and pump trainer. The group meets periodically throughout the year.

Sweet Success Diabetes Program

The Sweet Success Diabetes Program is offered once a month to people who have diabetes and would like to know how to better control their diabetes. A Registered Nurse who is a Certified Diabetes Educator will provide an overview of diabetes and much more.  

Call 706-868-3241 for more information about these support groups.