University's Emergency Department Capital Campaign

The need for high-quality emergency care is increasing.

We built our current Emergency Department for 50,000 visits a year. We currently care for more than 85,000 patients in that treatment space. It is time for a major overhaul of the Emergency Department, and to accomplish this University has begun a three-year, $30 million construction and renovation project that will allow physicians and staff to provide emergency and lifesaving care in new and innovative ways, without adding to the cost of care. In order to do this, University Hospital will need your help.


As a nonprofit organization, University reinvests its revenues back into the hospital for our community's benefit. University is not tax supported or state subsidized, so we depend on philanthropy to help ensure we are able to provide our community with the high quality, safe care they deserve.

To that end, University Health Care Foundation has launched a $5.5 million capital campaign – a community investment of 18 percent of the project’s total costs – to ensure the full resources are available for this project.

Philanthropic support is critical to the financial structure of this project. Your gifts will reduce the need to incur debt and ensure University is prepared to meet the increasing challenges facing health care. Your support will also allow University to withstand the ever-increasing burdens of health care reform and reductions in Medicare reimbursements, and allow University to continue to move forward with investments in additional technology and facilities. Your generosity will strengthen University’s ability to grow and meet our community’s need for safe, high-quality care.

For more information about how you can be a part of this exciting chapter in University Hospital's nearly 200-year history, call University Health Care Foundation at 706-667-0030 or review the documents below.