Piedmont Augusta Emergency Services

Second floor
1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Piedmont Augusta's Emergency Department provides a valuable service to the region, offering high-quality care to patients.

Additional information about Piedmont Augusta's ED:

  • Currently in the midst of a $30 million expansion and renovation project to increase our patient capacity and improve patient quality and safety.
  • Accredited by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care
  • 24/7 accessibility to Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians
  • 24/7 accessibility to Board Certified Pediatric Emergency physicians
  • Only area hospital with Triage Nurse check-in
    • Provides immediate access to a nurse
    • Allows for faster determination of medical needs
  • Highly trained and experienced professional staff
  • All 50 ED rooms equipped with non-invasive procedure equipment
  • 12 minor treatment beds available for non-emergent care
  • Dedicated and direct access to Radiology
    • 3 Radiology suites in ED
  • Direct access to Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy located in ED
  • Treat more than 81,000 patients annually
  • Easy access from Columbia County via Riverwatch Parkway bypass

Piedmont Augusta's Emergency Department (ED) provides a valuable service to the region, offering high-quality care to patients. Our ED treats more than 81,000 patients annually. Our hope is that you will never need emergency medical care, but if you do, Piedmont Augusta Hospital is there for you ... 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing high-quality emergency care. 

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Dedicated Health Care Team

Our Emergency Department is staffed by a team of health care professionals trained in emergency medicine, including emergency physicians, pediatricians, emergency nurses, physician assistants (PA), nurse practitioners (NP) and emergency medical technicians.  Our goal is to treat every patient as we would our own family members. 

Understanding the ED Process

Visiting the Emergency Department (ED) can sometimes be a traumatic experience.  This is to help make your visit a little easier by providing an understanding of the ED process.


When you enter the ED, you will be greeted by a triage nurse who has special training to assess how quickly you need treatment. In order to assess your condition, the triage nurse will take several vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature; will ask questions about the reason for your visit, and assess your pain level.  In order to provide the best care, it is important that you answer all questions accurately and completely. 

Based on your symptoms, you will be categorized from 1-5: categories 1-2 are emergent, 3 is urgent and 4-5 are non-emergent.

  • Emergent – patient needs emergency intervention and requires immediate attention from the ED team, to include the physician.
  • Urgent – patient is usually sick or having significantly abnormal vital signs but does not have an immediate life-threatening condition.
  • Non-emergent – patient does not have a life-threatening condition and has stable or moderately abnormal vital signs.

Depending on your triage level, you will be sent to the appropriate area of the ED.  Our goal is to see each patient as quickly as possible; however, patients requiring the most urgent care must be treated first, regardless of arrival time. 

Waiting Area

If the triage nurse determines you do not have a life-threatening illness, you may be asked to wait in the main lobby or minor treatment area until an examination room is available.  If you do have to wait, a nurse will be nearby to answer questions and monitor your condition.  If at any time you feel that your condition is getting worse, please alert the nurse. 

Examination Room

In the exam room you will receive further screening by one of our board-certified emergency medicine physicians.  In some cases you may be seen by a physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP), however a physician is available at all times to review the care provided.

Additional testing and treatments will be performed as indicated by your initial exam.  These studies may take some time but are necessary to complete your treatment plan.  During this time, it may seem that you are “just waiting,” however the ED team is working together to determine the best treatment for you.

Final Step

Once you are seen by an ED physician, one of the following options will occur:

  • You are discharged with written instructions:
    • The discharge nurse will go over printed instructions and prescriptions recommended by the ED physician.
    • Ask questions about anything you do not understand.
    • You may be referred to a specialist or asked to follow up with your primary care physician.
    • Should your condition change or worsen, return to the ED or see your physician immediately.
    • Request a school or work absence excuse before you leave!
  • You are admitted to the hospital:
    • Your illness or injury may require admission.
    • Once your admission is processed, you will be transported to an available bed by a nursing staff member.

Patient Satisfaction Card

You should receive a patient satisfaction card when you are leaving the ED.  This will be used to collect feedback to assist us in improving our services.  Your comments are very important, so if you do not receive a card ask any member of the ED team to provide you one.

Thank you for insisting on Piedmont Augusta.

Additional Emergency Services 

Minor Treatment

If you can’t be seen right away by your personal physician, yet you know your minor illness or injury doesn’t require emergency department treatment, Piedmont Augusta offers Minor Treatment. The Minor Treatment facility at the main hospital is an extension of the Emergency Services department, and a visit there is considered an emergency services visit by insurance carriers. If your condition turns out to be more serious, you still have the full resources of our Main Emergency Department. In either situation, you can count on getting the appropriate level of care.

Off-Campus Urgent Care Option

Piedmont Augusta has a number of Prompt Care locations to serve you closer to home. Learn more.