Weekend Childbirth Education - Two-day Class

Date & Time
April 23rd, 2021 7:00 PM
Online Only

Our FREE online series of childbirth preparation classes inform, prepare and encourage all expectant parents, specialized to your family’s needs. Class topics include what to expect in various labor and postpartum stages, breathing and relaxation and how to care for yourself and your new baby. Included in the class is a virtual tour of the W.G Watson Women’s Center at University Hospital. We encourage but do not require your specific support person to attend our online class with you to help you feel ready and prepared for your special day!

If you have any specific questions regarding registration and class schedule, please call the W.G. Watson Women’s Center at 706-774-2825.

You will receive an email with information regarding our virtual class the Sunday before your scheduled class day.

This class meets April 23 and 24.

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