Treatment Options

Orthopaedic Treatment at University HospitalAfter your evaluation with one of our Orthopaedic Surgeons, a treatment option will be recommended aimed at helping you regain mobility and addressing any damage. Piedmont Augusta’s Orthopaedic & Spine Center offers a wide variety of treatment options that include but is not limited to:

Partial Hip Replacement: During this procedure, the surgeon replaces the ball of the hip, usually after a fracture.

Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement: The hip is accessed from the front of the leg rather than from the back to completely replace the hip, including the ball and socket.

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction and Trauma Surgery: This procedure is for fractured ankles or injuries from falls that cause fractures in the heel or other bones of the foot.

Hand, Elbow and Shoulder Reconstruction and Trauma Surgery: In this procedure, some injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, can be repaired by using a camera and small incisions.

Adult Spine Surgery: This spinal fusion surgery is used to correct conditions caused by arthritis or instability of the spine. In this procedure, the painful vertebrae are fused together, so they heal into a single, solid bone.

Knee Arthroscopy: This procedure involves the examination and treatment of cartilage tears within the knee joint using a camera and small incisions.

Partial Knee Replacement: During the procedure, the surgeon replaces the inside or outside of the knee joint only.

Total Knee Replacement: This procedure involves the complete resurfacing of the knee, which can include the thigh bone, shin bone and kneecap.

Knee Ligament Repair: This procedure corrects a torn knee ligament by replacing the ligament with a piece of healthy tendon. A tendon from the kneecap or hamstring, for example, is grafted into place to hold the knee joint together. e.

Trauma Treatment

bone fracture

Board-certified physicians who practice at Piedmont Augusta also provide expert medical care for all traumatic injuries of the bones of the extremities and pelvis. Surgical specialists treat acutely injured patients with broken bones, open wounds of the extremities and multiple injuries. Surgeons also provide care for any subsequent complications of the injury after treatment, such as bone infections, deformities and non-healing bones.